About Us

Qumran Visitor Center is located at the archeological site of the ancient community of Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea.

We are blessed to call this magnificent region home. Flanked by the quiet majesty of the Judean desert, the Dead Sea waters’ countless shades of blue, and the sustaining power of the Jordan River, we are witness to the spiritual force of a region rich in human history and natural phenomena.

Because we love this region – because we think it beautiful and singular – we want to share it with people all over the world. Qumran.com is a portal that offers online visitors a wealth of detailed information about of the history, geography, climate and religious significance of our unique region, as well as a marketplace where people can sample the multi-cultural flavors of the Land of Qumran through the distinctive products that define daily life in this area of the world.

We hope you enjoy your time on this website, and that you will be inspired to visit us in person in the Holy Land, and experience firsthand what makes the Land of Qumran a place like no other.

With our warmest blessings,

The People of Qumran